About us

Lake Distilling started as idea in 2004 as a possible solution to the problem of what to do with field sprouted white wheat.  Farmers in central and western New York had two years of rainy weather at wheat harvest time.  As a result of this rain and the inability to harvest the wheat in the rainy weather, the wheat had started to grow while still in the field.  While this sprouting may not seem to be a problem for people in the distilling for malt beverage business it is a disaster for the flour and baking business.  The natural malting of the wheat begins the process of converting the starch to sugar.  Malt is a wonderful thing for the distiller or brewer but as a flour mill owner and farmer it was something that caused serious problems.  After much thought the conclusion was reached that it was hopeless to try and change our wet climate. What was decided that if you get lemons make lemonade.  Thus began the journey toward making alcohol.  After several years of research and fund raising we build what has become a midsize beverage distillery.  With a capacity of making one million gallons (rated capacity) per year of 192 proof ( 96%) ethyl alcohol suitable for high quality beverage, or flavoring alcohol we have arrived at the next stage of our journey.  Our five-column distillery has the capacity of making as good an alcohol as anyone in the world and certainly better and more efficient than older plants.
We have the capability of supplying up to 1.25 million cases of vodka, gin or any grain neutral spirit based beverage.
Our market is providing Eastern U.S. beverage sellers a local or regional source of high quality spirits.   Within an easy day drive of all major east coast cities Lake Distilling can supply liquor stores considering their own private label offering. 

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