Red Star Vodka


Launch of Red Star Vodka – Made in America

KING FERRY, NY – “Lake Distilling proudly introduces its first brand of vodka, ‘Red Star,’ said local proprietor, David Smith. Why ‘Red Star’? “When people think of vodka, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?” asked Smith.
Vodka and Russia go hand-in-hand. “How is it possible to have “real vodka” made in the U.S. and not Russia? We started by building a distillery. It has taken seven long years of planning and building to get to this point. It was not easy.”
When David would become discouraged, his wife, Rossina, a Russian born immigrant who recently became a U.S. citizen, would say, “When you think this is hard, think of the struggle of the people at Stalingrad in 1943.” ‘Red Star’ honors the heroes of Rossina’s native land,” said Smith.
The story includes technologists from Russia for flow design; American know-how to execute the distilling process; and lots of work and stress. “It has been and is a battle. There have been times when we wanted to quit but it seemed there was no retreat,” said Smith.
‘Red Star’ vodka is American made. “It is made from wheat grown in the Finger Lakes’ glacial soils. And water drawn from limestone rock giving it a water quality needed to produce world class vodka.” It is available in New York State from Lake Distilling.
‘Red Star’ is produced in small batches from only the hearts of New York white wheat thus giving it a soft taste without a burn often associated with most vodkas.
“It can be drunk straight up, on the rocks, as a martini or in a cocktail giving you the smoothest drink you have ever had.”
“Many vodkas talk about the growers of the wheat from farm to glass. We don’t need to talk about it – we are the millers and the distillers all on our family farm, located in King Ferry, Cayuga County, in the heart of the Finger Lakes,” said Smith. “We purchase from local wheat farmers and grow some of the grain ourselves, too.”
“Surprisingly while being in a pristine region we are still only four to five hours drive from New York City, Philadelphia or Cleveland. If you add another hour you can be in Boston, or Washington D.C.”

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